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    PHP SoapClient call generates an ERR_NO_RESPONSE in browser and then a page reload

    I am using the SOAP API (Interworx API - and when the SOAP call executes successfully I receive an 'ERR_NO_RESPONSE' or 'Unable to connect' or similar message in my browser (Chrome or Safari or Firefox). When the SOAP command does not succeed, the page works fine and I receive the appropriate return array in $result.

    The call is:

    $client = new SoapClient($interworx_soap_url);
    $result = $client->route($api_key, $api_controller, $action, $input);

    The $client->route() command is creating a new domain pointer in my control panel.

    Interestingly, the API call always works (the domain pointer is created), but somehow it is interrupting my code execution. I have tried adding an ob_start() and ob_clean() around these lines but it makes no difference.

    So when my command $client->route() is successful (it creates a new domain pointer), it causes the problem (code execution stops) in my browser but when the command is not successful (like when the domain pointer already exists) it works fine (returns the status array with the error message).

    Any help solving or isolating the problem would be greatly appreciated. Incidentally, this problem does not generate any messages in my PHP or server Apache error log. Thanks!
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