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Which control panel do you prefer?

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  • Which control panel do you prefer?

    Just a general question to all! I personally prefer cPanel, due to it being the first control panel I ever used (and gained experience in). I've never really had chance to use any other, so it would be nice to hear opinions of people that have used different panels
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    I despise cPanel. It looks like it was made in the 90s. I would have quit webhosting if it wasn't for InterWorx. Embrace the change of better technology!
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      Hi viprit...
      I have tested some years ago a lot webhosting control panels, commercial or free...
      And I was thinking at this time(some years ago) the best is Interworx .. .Today I still think that it is still the best....

      I use it as clustered solution based on virtual servers ..
      my virtualization technology is . with HA and with workload balance ...

      What it means ? My web hosting is HA ... virtualization technology is taking care for HA ...
      /home - is stored on two disk arrays(each with RAID5) which are mirrored on HW level ...

      And I'm very satisfied with this solution...

      Combination of InterworxCP + Virtualization + mirrored DiscArray's => is perfect solution for safe and HA webhosting

      Thanks to INTERWORX ,,, You have done a beautiful job ...

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        Many thanks to Juraj and Justin for your responses. I totally agree

        We have full brandable licenses and we purposely chose not to rebrand. Itís that good.

        Also, and I apologise if I am wrong in advance, but I do have suspicions over viprit been genuine as I have had to delete links posted a few times. As I said though, I could be wrong so apologies in advance if I am

        Many thanks



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          Even I prefer INTERWORX over any other control panel. Using interworx with virtualization works best for me. Thanks a lot Interworx!


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            Hi, I have and been using quite a few control panels over the last 15 years, but it is for every one different I think. It depends on what you prefer to offer to your customers, is it stability, is it a sleek interface with limited functionality and so on. Sometimes it is more important to think as a customer than a sysop. For me I am getting old and want my sleep in the nights and I am fed up sitting all nights trying to fix things which can't be fixed or have to wait two years for adding some functionality like cPanel, since this well known panel decided to mess up the market it is even more important to give your customers stability and knowledge they can also sleep as for everything is covered. That my friend is the ultimo goal, but Interworx gives a very good first impression, and I am only testing it in the last weeks. Coming from cPanel you might miss something or a lot, but is that extra feature worth to stay with them, only you can decide. Hope that helps.



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              Hi Nico

              Good post thank you

              Viprit is a spam abuser. I edit his post to remove links but decided to leave thread as some had answered.

              It appears that some users post a message, then after a few days or weeks, edit their post and drop links in.

              Guess the spammers are getting wiser...

              Many thanks