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  • NISA - New responsive theme coming soon

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    After my dimension theme, I am working on new theme these days. Still a lot of work to do. Hopefully I can finish this by next couple of weeks.
    I am using UIKIT as css framework. But having trouble changing base classes and ids of menus and others.
    May be Interworx developers can help me in finding the code. Checked base smarty templates but unable to find function codes.

    Thank you
    Gopal Chaladi

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    Hi chaladi

    The dimension theme I believe was/is very popular

    I would email support(at) and ask or open a support ticket with IW

    It would be lovely if you shared once completed and if others shared any they have created

    Many thanks



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      I dont know only these files are only accepted while uploading the theme. I edited few files in _required folder, And edited quickmenu.tpl, login.tpl files also. And like to edit few more files too. The only way I can install this theme is uploading manually.

      Theme is not only a UI concept but also UX one. Kindly allow uploading other files also in next release. And why thumbs.db, DS_Store , /__MACOSX/, /Desktop.ini are allowed?

      And I am also trying to build 2 plugins too, a new and advanced filemanager for siteworx (i9 File manager) and wordpress CMS installer (separate plugin). And also have plans to build a billing plugin into it. I dont know how much your API supports.

      I feel Interworx is a great and easy web hosting panel I ever tried. But just few features are lacking to make it wonderful. Those are,

      1) A free script installer (at least for wordpress)
      2) A good file manager (current one is way behind what others offering)
      3) A good UI theme that fits latest trend.

      Kindly co-operate building these and help me.

      Thank you


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        And I want a theme settings page where users can upload their company logo and add social links to control panel pages. Any ideas??


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          And why i can create entire new theme instead of creating child theme that based on interworx theme?? Any way we are going to use those files as template.


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            Hi chaladi

            Many thanks

            As I said, you need to contact IW support for your specific information

            Also, I am not sure what IW-CP your using, but I can see the themes look to be changing to templates. However, I have not looked at them or the files so itís just an observation I noticed

            I would consider though, any changes to themes/templates have to be carefully integrated/changed by IW due to the variant IW-CP/clusters/distorts currently in use

            We use whmcs, and there are a few whmcs modules which would fully automate Wordpress install from softaculous (if you hold a license from softaculous)

            I hope you do share any new theme and hope it goes well for you

            Many thanks