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    I don't think it's rude. The question is, is IWorx-Robert still around and would he agree and/or be willing to scan this or the other thread and compile the helpful stuff into his first two posts. Because that's the best way to do this: Everebody contributes Q and A (that means the question AND the answer, otherwise the thread gets out of hand again with discussion) and the OP collects the good stuff into the first post(s). That way newbies don't have to search the whole forum and also don't have to read several pages of a thread but simply go to the first post and find everything there.

    If it can't be done in here, we would need the threads I mentioned and someone with enough knowledge to start them and do the compilation.
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      Originally posted by IWorx-Robert View Post
      Hi, people of the InterWorx Forums.
      My name's Rob, and I'm the new Support Tech.

      One of the things we thought it'd be smart to do is set up a general quick-help and FAQ thread for the forums, something to go to first just in case you have a problem and think someone else might have had the same one before.

      First off, for new and prospective users, let's go over the basics.

      InterWorx itself is a control panel system for both dedicated and virtual private Linux servers. It lets you easily and quickly configure your machine for hosting various services, including allowing people to resell the services you have sold them. It integrates nicely with many popular billing services such as WHMCS, ClientExec, AWBS and ModernBill/Parallels Billing. It's extensible through its own API, and provides both SimpleScripts and Softaculous integration for installing popular site software such as Wordpress, Magento, phpBB, and more.

      The real power behind InterWorx (or at least the part that I found awesome) lies in its clustering software, which makes building a load-balanced server cluster a matter of a few clicks with the proper hardware configuration.

      Helpful Links:

      Full System Requirements
      Supported Distro Guide mcdvoice
      Remote Assistance
      Cluster Setup
      General FAQ

      Things to Check Before Contacting the Help Desk:
      Just a quick checklist to run down before you contact InterWorx Support.
      1) Is this a problem with the InterWorx panel?
      2) Are any external firewalls deactivated or open for your SSH and NodeWorx ports?
      3) Did you turn Remote Assistance on?
      hello sir thanks for sharing this many links at one time ..
      it can solve many problems.