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SpamAssassin Not Working Well

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    Hi staxed

    I fully understand what your saying, and I realised early on that it was not auto updated.

    You can set a cron job to auto update and restart service as I posted

    There are other features connected with SA which are not installed, but can be turned on, which will not work unless you have installed them, such as phyzor I think it's called, which again helps with spam.

    Many thanks



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      Isn't the purpose of having a control panel so you don't have to do things manually like this
      Agreed, guess since SA is an opt-in service they don't implement auto-update. Unfortunate this topic isn't covered in the docs, much pain to be had in not keeping SA up-to-date.

      Anyway, nightly cron job gets things back on track.

      I wonder what else might be lagging on the auto update front...


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        Hi newmind

        I concur it would be an idea either to have SA updates preset as a cron or perhaps to have a message appear at the side of SA in nodeworx, alerting you to setup a cron job. However, there are numerous posts about SA updates on here.

        I would think myself most if not nearly all issues are raised, and therefore covered. I do know IW very regularly check the forums, and where I see an actual issue which has not been raised to IW, I send an email with the post link to alert them

        I feel also that it might be best to remind users I do not work for IW, so my onions and or advice is not biased and are my own.

        Many thanks



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          I wanted to let you guys know I submitted a feature request to the development team to incorporate the sa-update -D command in our cron process.


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            I feel I should call this out for you guys complaining about decreased detection over time. SA has an autolearn feature which is actually not good to have turned on unless you have been submitting your email to the Learn* directories constantly. What the autolearn will end up doing is that "well, it got through 10 times without report so that must be a valid email address and syntax..." It does also make it harder for spam to get through if it's trained, but.... see the added caveat of the below individual bayes DBs

            I didn't realize that right away. After about a year I started seeing obvious spam with "auto-whitelist" up scoring. The only way you can clear that is by nuking your database. The way I did that is below.

            Also, by default Interworx is set to individual bayes databases, I switched it to server wide (which ignored/deleted the old stuff but did make me start from scratch) so all will benefit from the activities of the few and I've been hearing good results from it.

            So unless the majority of your users are actively training, turn off auto learn and you'll probably get better results for all if you have it on server wide. I'm attached to all my accounts via IMAP so I just move them as they come up and call it a day. After that switch for email addresses that are 15+ years old I'm getting 0-5 spam messages a day.


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              Yeah, Bayes is useless without training, and users give up after awhile if a significant reduction in spam does not occur.

              As a result I've turned off Bayes entirely and am focusing on tuning SA (via available plugins and tweaking rule scoring from the defaults). I'll revisit Bayes once I'm confident SA is reasonably tuned with respect to default config.

              Personally my own email accounts are 10-15 years old, but they've never been publicly displayed (i.e. not discoverable by scrapers). I get 1 or 2 spams a day, if that. Some clients on the other hand have heavily trafficked sites where the primary email address was exposed early on and is/has been in spammer databases for many years. These users just get hammered with spam, despite SA blocking the majority of it.

              Right now we're down to the nonsense messages with subject lines like, "Trump's Plan to help Americans Earn More" with random garbled message body text, or 1 liners like "Hi, how are you? click here to [some scammer site]". It's the volume that's the problem, users don't care that the majority is getting blocked when the trickle is itself a daily time consuming process of deleting spam from one's inbox.