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What do you think about reseller hosting?

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  • What do you think about reseller hosting?

    Hello guys,

    I have handful of clients and I recommended all off them to buy their own hosting(and guided them instead of sharing my server space... so they wouldn't hold me responsible for everything.) I could've make money by selling a portion of my personal server space but I didn't.

    My main reason for not doing it was to be able to be free of their server-side troubles but instead they are bugging me more and more for their mistakes.

    Now I am changing my strategy and plan to guide them to buy hosting from me so I can control everyone under one roof.

    What do you think about it? Are inmotion and resellerclub good? Is this strategy any good or I should not bother getting my hands dirty(er).
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    Hi viprit

    Welcome to IW forums

    Resellerclub is good, we use them fir domain registration so itís all under one roof with whmcs

    Inmotion I have no experience off but others may

    I see you have IW running in pis, so your technical aware, so yes, I would steer your clients to your hosting services. Particularly when you consider your already dealing with that aspect but from a different provider

    I would advise you use R1soft for backup and helps clients, as they can restore at will without bothering you

    Many thanks



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      If you have big fishes, don't let them go somewhere else.
      if they are bothering you anyhow so it is a good choice to sell them your own hosting.

      with my personal experience (I'm not a reseller. I need more space and different Cpanle for my personal websites, so I use reseller hosting to fulfill my needs) i would suggest you to buy from resellerClub, they have good prices and more flexible predesigned plans(R1, R2, R3, R4) and better customer support system.


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        Hello, I want to move to hosting because I have hosted 4 sites

        in my current hosting is very slow sometimes with poor google speed ranking and I want to move to interworx, someone who can advise me how is it, in terms of speed?
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