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  • cPanel price increases

    cPanel announced significant price increases. Our micro server with 43 accounts is going from $180 per year to $540 per year, there are a few fluff accounts we could terminate to get our costs down to $360, but any way I look at it, our prices are doubling. Others are are seeing a tenfold increase.

    Lucky for me, I renewed my annual license a few days ago. I have until 7/15/2020 to switch control panels, but would want to do so gradually. Interworx should consider giving hosts in my situation credit for their cP licenses, it would make things less stressful for all concerned and bring Interworx more new business than you can handle with your current staff.

    Happy hunting!
    We have been a cPanel Partner for well over a decade, but when cPanel was acquired by Oakley Capital last year, we knew changes we

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    Hi schmerold


    At first I thought you may have been a spammer (thereís been a lot recently)

    This is for IW and not myself, but my thoughts are that if true, then any CPanel users would start to save immediately if changing to IW and any large ISP Iím sure would get a bigger discount on volume from IW.

    As I said though, thatís my opinion and not IW

    Many thanks



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      The spammers do ruin it for the rest of us. Between spammers and haters, Reddit is hard to use.

      Back to my original comment, it was meant to be a helpful suggestion to the IW powers. I suspect many are in my position, we have pre-paid for cPanel, so we aren't going to run out and buy IW for full price. That would be silly. But, if we got credit for our cP subscriptions, we would be more likely to give IW a shot. I know about the two week thing, but we all know that's nearly useless. It takes months before you are familiar and comfortable with a new control panel. The other issue is a consequence of IW's much smaller market share, we have limited IW community support and experience, so sysadmins need to see and use the product on less demanding domains before we jump ship.

      In any event, I'll plan on coming back in 10 months, see how IW handles its new found customer base and make my decision then. If there aren't hundreds of happy new IW customers, we'll suck it up and pay the cPanel ransom.


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        Hi schmerold

        I hear what your saying.

        I will forward your thread to IW so there aware, but when I forwarded your spf thread, I did ask to view this thread as well

        The flip side of this IW forum is there is little posters now as IW just appears to work for most users.

        A good couple of knowledgeable users post with good questions/points and I try where I can

        If your serious over testing say for 6 months, Iím sure IW would accommodate you if you ask support(at) or if you pm your domain, I could check and perhaps I could let you have a test IW for 6 months once confirmed your approx numbers. Not that Iím disputing you but just need to be sure

        Glad you appreciate the spam point which I guess they think it is not monitored and some are getting better at posting, leaving a few days then editing the post with links....

        Many thanks



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          I'm interested as well and a lot of people on LowEndTalk and WebHostingTalk are between DirectAdmin and Interworx (as Plesk is owned by the same company as cPanel). I find Interworx more similar to cPanel than DirectAdmin which most of their features need to be done via Command Line, but there are a few things you should consider.

          1. Extend the trial time from 2 weeks to 1 month (same as DirectAdmin), many people are testing both panels and if they have more time with DirectAdmin they would have more time to test it, so they will more likely end there.
          2. Fully support CloudLinux.

          Most of cPanel users are using monthly licenses so due date is September 1st before the new system. Hopefully Interworx takes the chance and starts adding new features these days so a lot of people choose it over other panels. I think it has a chance to become a big panel like cPanel or Plesk.


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            Hi desfire

            Good points

            I have emailed IW re this thread

            If your looking for a months trial, pm me

            As far as I remember, IW works on cloudlinux as some users are running it for many years on CL

            As for new features, there is a road map IW use, but no times are given and there has been a few changes, such as multi php, qmail changed etc... mariaDB used by IW and sysadmin could change MySQL to mariaDB. All our servers use mariaDB. Letís encrypt etc...

            Maybe worth testing for a month

            Also, for any new users, I do not work for IW and have been using IW since 2012, with full unbranded licences but we chose to leave branded as IW as it does have an excellent reputation for service/support/usage and helps sales

            Many thanks



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              The reason I will seriously consider moving to Interworx is the great respect I have for Karl Zimmerman and Steadfast Networks. It was his blog post I referenced in my initial post. He has been an IW fanboy for many years. We all run in different environments and have different needs, but 90 times out of 100, if you ask WWKD (what would Karl do), you will end up with the correct decision.


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                Hello! Jenna from InterWorx here :)

                Thanks for your interest!

                To answer some questions:

                -I brought up the suggestion of some kind of credit or discount for migrating Cpanel customers with the higher ups. I don't have any specifics on details at this time, but that is something that is on the table. Either I, or one of my colleagues will update with more info, probably Monday. :D So stay tuned on that.

                -The two week demo thing is just the default. Demo keys can be extended for up to four weeks. So if you'd like a longer one provisioned from the start, just put that info in the "questions" section on the request form. Also, while demo keys can't technically be extended when they expire, we generally will provide two more "renewals" of the demo. So you would just put in a request for a new key, at two, three, four weeks, however long you think you'd need, and then replace the old key with the new either on the settings page of NodeWorx or in the ~iworx/iworx.ini file, and then run this command:

                ~iworx/cron/license.pex --sync

                That will sync the new demo up with the control panel. Super painless. :) We have had some people, unfortunately, take advantage of the demo system in the past, so what amounts to three demo runs, for up to three months, is kind of the limit, there, but that is not a hard and fast rule if further testing would be needed, just a guideline. There is a human on the other end of the demo requests (me!), so it's not an automated thing that will lock you out after so many demos provided.

                -Regarding Cloud Linux: We do not fully support Cloud Linux at this time, you are correct. We did fully support it up until a year or so ago, but we mutually went our separate ways. However, technically InterWorx can be installed and work on Cloud Linux, and we have customers that do, we just can't guarantee any future compatibility issues that might pop up. With this influx of interest from CPanel customers, we are taking note of the requests for it, though. If you're interested in InterWorx on Cpanel, it might be worth emailing Igor/Cloud Linux and letting them know that is something you'd like, as well. :) But, in the meantime, InterWorx will install and work on CL, but a disclaimer that unknown issues might pop up in the future that I can't predict right now.

                Let me know if you have any other questions (or if there was a concern I missed, above). I'll have more info about potential discount/credits after the weekend.


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                  Thanks for letting us know! It's great. I know a lot of people are looking for cPanel alternative, quite a lot and the DA and Interworx are the main ones. However, I heard that mail rate limiting is not possible, is it going to be soon? as it is quite important. Also, DirectAdmin supports OpenLiteSpeed [free] (not entreprise), any plans for adding it soon?

                  Also, it seems like is down? It's under main site > features. Maybe it was outdated? I think it's better to redoit or just remove it as it causes some frustations, I have heard it on some forums.

                  I am waiting for my VPS to be deployed to test Interworx but I am still deciding. Getting to know OpenLiteSpeed is avaliable at DA actually interested me. But I like Interworx IU better, it's more similar to cPanel so my clients won't have much trouble, but DirectAdmin have some better features. Hopefully you take advance of this situation and improve some things in the next couple months that most people have to decide which one get.

                  Also some activity on social networks would be great, or a tutorial on your main blog of how to bulk transfer from cPanel to Interworx specifically (I know you have one for overall transfers but given the cirscumstances) as DA have done


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                    Kudos to Iworx-Jenna and team

                    It is also worth noting that IW-CP now uses Dovecot on latest installs (older IW versions has the option to change to Dovecot) and I would advise to use BFD (bruteforce detection) from rx (again good posts in forums for installing and setup)

                    EMail rate limiting has been discussed many times, and some created a cron to stop email sending.

                    However, it does appaer that there patches to do mail rate limit (see links), which I have not tested myself, but I have installed spamdyke without issue but run out of time to do a lot with it.

                    I take no responsibility for these links if tried, and do not endorse them but they do appear to rate limit

                    Many thanks







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                      I really do hope Interworx will be benefited and thrive even more due to this extreme price increment of cPanel.


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                        The most telling part of the cPanel story is their statement that "Our pricing and licensing will now be standardized for all of our customers, be billed monthly", in other words we reserve the right to change pricing throughout the year.

                        Yep, and I reserve the right to find a reliable partner. I will concede, that it makes more sense for me to pay the ransom for my one server, however, I am unwilling to do so.


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                          Hi schmerold

                          Have you setup a test IW server

                          IW Jenna did state a trial longer then 2 weeks is possible and it’s a decision made by a person not a computer.

                          Hi shyuan

                          I hope your keeping well and glad to see you back

                          Many thanks



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                            We are testing it and so far it's great, in next month we hope to switch to interworx and get rid of whm cpanel. There are still missing some features about the webserver and move from cpanel to interworx (which i have notified support aswell and they are fixing it no ETA) Would like to see nginx or openlitespeed, and i hope that interworx will implement them. Oh and Jenna, it's great to be a part of lowendtalk, im sure you will grow your business, just like directadmin support did in that forum ;)



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                              Hi albahost

                              Welcome to IW forums

                              Glad your liking IW and apologies, I read your post on CPanel import but just waited to see if you added any spam links after a few days.

                              I guess the import issue from CPanel may be due to username been longer then 8 characters (nico reported this yesterday to IW) but whatever the issue, IW do take control panel importing very serious and fixes pushed out quickly

                              Hopefully nico May post their experiences

                              Many thanks