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LiquidWeb purchases Interworx!!

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  • LiquidWeb purchases Interworx!!

    Received email that LiquidWeb purchased Interworx and they'll migrate everyone currently on LiquidWeb using cpanel to interworx if you want.


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    Hi eugeneparkers

    Welcome to IW forums

    Good move on liquid web part for looking after their clients and good move for interworx.

    I only hope the level of support continues as it is now (very quick and honest) and updates are still pushed out regularly as they do now

    Please note I do not work for interworx or liquidweb

    Many thanks



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      Yep! We were acquired by LiquidWeb over the summer as part of their acquisition of Nexcess (our former parent company).

      Our regular rolling update schedule has been on pause for a little bit since before the holidays, mostly because we have a lot of big changes we're hoping to push out by the end of the quarter, so I believe the idea is to focus on a new major release for now, and then go back to the prior quick updates. However, we did just push a new version to the Beta channel last week:

      Support is actually getting some major improvements, since we're able to expand staffing a bit, now, including extended hours and more flexibility for little ol' me to have a better presence here on the forums. :)

      There are a lot of neat things on the horizon, including a total UI redesign (which, from what I've tested so far is sooooooo nice), and Cloud Linux support. There is a public roadmap here:

      If you have any specific questions, Eugene, let me know! I am the Support Manager for InterWorx, so I can answer any questions directly related to the software, but if you have any questions in regard to Liquid Web, I can poke around to get the answers for you, as well, or connect you to someone who is an expert, there.

      Thanks! :D