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InterWorx Clustering on Raspberry Pis!

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    Originally posted by d2d4j View Post
    Hi sov

    I think this depends upon if any changes intrude on the terms and conditions of interworx

    You could try it on a pi3 and see if it works

    As I said, appreciate any updates if you do try

    Many thanks

    Hey John,

    Just wanted to give you an update. Received my Raspberry Pi 3 and attempted to install Interworx without success. In fact, couldn't even get the Pi to boot using the RedSleeve CLI image for V2 Raspberry Pi. Wrote the image to the SD card and popped it into the Pi, added power, and...nothing. Tried on two different SD cards in case it was an SD card issue. Not being a pro, I've no idea where to start in terms of troubleshooting so I guess until they come out with a new version, I won't be able to use InterWorx on my cluster of Pi's. :( Then again, maybe I'm just thick and missed something obvious when formatting the SD card. Who knows.