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    Thanks Chris :)

    Well it is not so important, maybe it is better that Bayes auto learn from all domains rather one by one (union do force)

    About spamassassin, I use it since a long time and I give you my parameters :

    required_score 6

    # Allow SpamAssassin to rewrite the subject line of any messages it classifies as spam
    # This is the value that will prepended to the subject line of messages classified as #spam
    rewrite_header Subject *****SPAM*****

    # Put spam analysis reports into to the headers of the message (rather than the body)
    report_safe 0

    # Spamassassin by default will try and run these following spam-detection utilities
    # for every mail message. (You can read about them at
    # We don't want to waste any CPU cycles trying to run utilities that we don't have installed,
    # so disable any that you havent installed.

    use_pyzor 0

    # enable razor2 checking (if you installed it)
    use_razor2 1

    # enable DCC checking (if you installed it)
    use_dcc 1
    dcc_home /var/dcc

    # Enable SpamAssassin's RBL checking features :
    # Although there is already some RBL filtering in qmail's rblsmtpd program,
    # it is still recommended to turn on RBL checking in SpamAssassin, as it will run
    # checks against a variety of different RBL sources, and the results will help
    # tag spam more accurately
    skip_rbl_checks 0
    # If we haven't received a response from the RBL server in X seconds, then skip that test
    rbl_timeout 3
    # Now we want to alter some of the default scores for RBL hits
    # By default the RBL score is 0 (disabled).
    # We will override this and give any hits a score of 3
    # Info about this RBL is available from

    # You can nominate any netblocks that you control, and contain mailservers that
    # you trust. IE you control the mailservers in these netblocks so there is no
    # need to be running RBL checks against these particular servers.
    # In this example below we are allowing the class-c to go without
    # Spamassassin RBL checking
    trusted_networks 123.123.123.



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      Originally posted by IWorx-Chris
      The stats routine (and other normal ops) will cycle the webserver but it should never be "down" because of them. There is a failsafe restart mechanism when stats is run. I'd check the apache error log to see if there's anything weird there. I'd also check to see when stats run on your server (the iworx user's cron job will tell you when this occurs) to see if the times correlate.

      Well Im about 99% sure (After Paul's reponse earlier in this thread) that this is the stats running at around 8am because my CPU load goes close to 100% for a few minutes.

      This is the 3rd day it has run and the webserver service was only not running on the second day, so maybe it was just a fluke with the stats or maybe had nothing to do with it, but I'll let you know if it happens again.

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