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Forcing TLS 1.2

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  • Forcing TLS 1.2

    Hi all,

    I'm sure it is possible to force TLS 1.2 in Interworx and stop allowing email connections from TLS 1.0/1.1 but this thread is mainly about. Have you done this yet? How did you manage it in terms of did you inform clients X amount of months/days before?

    As I know if you have a lot of clients still using older operating systems and email programs then their emails will probably stop working.

    Just seeing how others have managed to do this and the communication between you and the client base.


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    Hi Bertie

    Good question

    We allow TLS 1 to 1.2 as we have a broad range. Even some who use older mobiles which cannot facilitate TLS, so they run plain but are aware of the risk.

    It would be unfair of us to push TLS1.2 only but could easily set to TLS 1.2. If you remember, IW stopped TLS 1 and there were a lot of complaints so published on forums how to allow TLS 1

    Many thanks



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      I would say it is a bit unfair but I feel like in the next couple of years there is going to be a push to force 1.2 only. As the devices that mainly can't connect are very old iOS/MacOS or Windows XP clients and really people need to get rid and update. For any sort of "security" not just email server TLS support.