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  • Checking for Spam

    Is there a way to check the server to see if there is any spam being sent from it? I know in the past the mail queue within the control panel has helped with that as you can see whats stacking up and who it's being sent form.

    But I'm just wondering if it's not listed there - Is everything ok as in, no one is sending out junk? Or can we check via command line with the various qmail logs.


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    Hi Bertie

    I do not believe the mail logs contain content, so would not be of any use

    I believe you could set a copy all on both outgoing/incoming independently, but volume would need to checked regularly

    Spamassasin could help, as could setting clamav to scan outgoing email

    Also, setup FBL with the major ESP/ISP, so you have early notifications of spam/unwanted email

    Last, there some good code for stopping outgoing email once it hits a set queue limit, you decide limit, and notifies you, so you could have a look

    I hope that helps a little

    Many thanks