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  • Nameserver Update Emails

    Hi all,

    I don't think it's anything to worry about but I'm just wondering what the email message from the server actually means.

    It says "ipanel1.conf on updated" in the subject with a conf file attached to the message. Opening the file it has a bunch of domain names, where the slave file is stored? and the masters IP address.

    Haven't had one of these since 2015 by the looks of things. Anything to worry about?

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    Hi Bertie

    Many thanks

    Itís just a thought, as did not think there were any email notifications re nameserver updates. So Iím thinking it is an IW upgrade email notification perhaps

    The only reason Iím not too sure itís this though, is because it contained a conf file and the subject line is different

    If Iím wrong, apologies so could I ask if your running any software which notifies you of any file changes

    Many thanks