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Let's Encrypt server certificate & recent update (6.7.4 build 1760)

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  • Let's Encrypt server certificate & recent update (6.7.4 build 1760)

    The changelog says:

    [New] Ability to specify a domain when creating service level Let's Encrypt certificates in NodeWorx
    Domain must resolve to the server, and must not be a SiteWorx account

    If we're currently using a Siteworx account for the server's hostname in order to validate a server certificate, does this update mean we can now remove the hostname's Siteworx account, point its FQDN to /var/www/html/ as we used to do, and LE will validate the server certificate using DNS as it used to do?

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    Hi Sysnop

    Good catch and I am sorry, I am not sure myself

    There is one thing which comes to mind though if true, and that is to have it as described, you cannot have a siteworx account with same FQDN. So what do you do for emails for the FQDN unless the plan is to have them as alises - if so, to which domain

    Many thanks and stay safe



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      Thanks, John. I don't need or want a Siteworx account for the server's hostname, it's just there for LE to issue SSL. When I get a chance I'll give the other method another a try.


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        With the update, you are able to generate a Let's Encrypt cert directly for the hostname from the SSL page in NodeWorx. The hostname just has to be a domain that is real and resolves to the server. It can't be a SiteWorx account, so you'll want to delete that first.

        I don't believe there are any other steps or settings that would need to be made. Just:

        -not a SiteWorx account
        -live domain
        -must resolve to server

        Let me know if you have any other questions! :)


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          Thanks Jenna. I see more clearly how this works after a few dry runs.