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Turing off catchall results in mailbox failure

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  • Turing off catchall results in mailbox failure

    Hi all,

    a custopmer wanted a catchall adress set up but now realized he gets way too much spam that way ;-)

    So I switched the bounce message setting back to "On - Reject". But mails to any recipient are still received, only not delivered into the mailbox. From smtp-current log:

    2016-12-05 10:46:49.601763500 CHKUSER accepted any rcpt: from <> remote <> rcpt <> : accepted any recipient for this domain
    Digging a little further I see this in the send-current log:

    2016-12-05 10:53:30.729221500 delivery 206: deferral: Unable_to_switch_to_/home/vpopmail/domains/
    2016-12-05 10:53:30.728170500 status: local 1/10 remote 0/2552016-12-05 10:53:30.728164500 starting delivery 206: msg 8260552 to local

    When I try to delete the mailbox in order to set it up from scratch, I get

      Error: Unable to chdir to vpopmail/domains directory
    And in the iworx log I see all kinds of errrors like
    disk usage cmd failed on /home/vpopmail/domains/ : vpopmail.php
    2016-12-05 10:52:09.69516 [isji5l-jjyx-med1-CLI] [INFO]  : Can not set vacation for non-existent e-mail box : vpopmail.php
    2016-12-05 10:52:09.65052 [isji5l-jjyx-med1-CLI] [NOTICE]: vpopmail.php --set-vacation-message=/tmp/VACAn9jgXF --user=info : vpopmail.php
    There is no autoresponder set up, so I have no idea what is happening at the last error. In any case, something is severely amiss with that mailaccount and since I can't delete it, I am not sure on how to proceed.

    Any pointers?

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    Hi Michael
    I hope your well
    I have tried this, and it works fine for me
    I would probably restart qmail (service smtp restart), and/or run cvspermsfix.pex, as I think your on Centos7
    I hope that helps
    Many thanks
    Cathall reject
    2016-12-05 10:29:03.117741500 CHKUSER rejected rcpt: from <john@domain.url::> remote <mail.externalsendingserver.url:unknown:5.153.> rcpt <test@siteworxdomain.url> : not existing recipient
    Catchall forwards to recipient
    2016-12-05 10:31:44.072362500 CHKUSER accepted any rcpt: from <john@domain.url::> remote <mail.externalsendingserver.url:unknown:5.153.> rcpt <test@siteworxdomain.url> : accepted any recipient for this domain
    catchall reject
    2016-12-05 10:36:19.122016500 CHKUSER rejected rcpt: from <john@domain.url::> remote <mail.externalsendingserver.url:unknown:5.153.> rcpt <test@siteworxdomain.url> : not existing recipient
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      Hi Michael
      I tried this using a test Centos 7 server and it works as expected.
      DId the qmail or cvs fix it
      Many thanks
      CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)
      IW 5.1.38-1257
      Cathcall forwards to recipient
      2016-12-05 11:01:33.713518500 starting delivery 8: msg 135210906 to local 403test.url-postmaster@403test.url2016-12-05 11:01:33.712151500 info msg 135210906: bytes 625 from <ma@myteston.url> qp 15030 uid 108
      Catchall Reject
      2016-12-05 11:05:29.535679500 delivery 11: failure: Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name._(#5.1.1)/2016-12-05 11:05:29.504008500 status: local 1/10 remote 0/255 2016-12-05 11:05:29.504007500 starting delivery 11: msg 134497266 to local 403test.url-test@403test.url2016-12-05 11:05:29.502661500 info msg 134497266: bytes 528 from <ma@myteston.url> qp 15898 uid 240


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        Hi John,

        I did try to restart the service (and even the whole server) but nothing helped so far :-(

        I guess the catchall setting not being heeded is just a symptom and the underlying problem has more to do with the symlink in /var/vpopmail/domains missing.
        Not sure why that is/happened, will try to restore it and see what happens.


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          Restoring the symlink helped. So the problem really was "my computer ate the symlink" ;-)


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            Hi Michael

            Dam, don't you just hate that when it happens :(

            Do you mind me asking, if you repeat the add/test/stop/test, does it remove the symlink or was it something different which removed the symlink - thinking if an Iw update removed the symlink

            Many thanks



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              Hi John,

              yes, exactly my reaction, I hate it when things are solved pretty easily but the real reason is still in the dark. I mostly assume that it is a Pebcac problem then ;-)

              For the sake of completeness I tested it as you said but the process didn't touch the symlink nor did the problem reoccur.