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    I know I can change the MX entries for external servers, but if I decide to have mail for a domain done outside of Interworx (Zimbra), can I set it up so that domains hosted on Interworx will leave the box vs. staying local?

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    In the users's siteworx account, under the mail options, turn local delivery off:

    Disable Local Delivery

    Disabling local email is desirable when the InterWorx server is not responsible for managing email. This is usually used in conjunction with the custom MX records, but can be used independently to simply disable email delivery for a domain.
    To disable local delivery:
    1. Log Into SiteWorx
    2. Click the Administration menu item if it is not already open.
    3. Click the Mail Options menu item if it is not already open.
    4. Click the Remote Setup menu item.
    5. Choose "disabled" from the "Local Delivery Status" dropdown.
    6. Save.


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      Thanks a bunch!


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        Thanks for providing these links... I am getting help from these in getting the right mail services.