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Access site before domain is done pointing

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  • Markmilleru2
    started a topic Access site before domain is done pointing

    Access site before domain is done pointing

    IN cpanel before the domain is pointers users can use IPADDRESS~userlogin to access there front webpage. Is their a way to do this in interworx?

    Long time Cpanel user and only been messing with interworx for about a day now. Also Any usefull tutorials anywhere? WHen I click for the tutorial section here I get a picture of a cat on a laptop.(Which the real funny part the cat looks very similar to my cat Tigger :P. )

  • Nico
    I am trying to change from cPanel as well, did you find a solution to preview?
    I tried the http://ip/~username but getting error about the requested url /~username was not found on this server.
    Kind regards,

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  • d2d4j
    Hi Markmilleru2

    Welcome to IW forums

    To access a domain in IW but the DNS does not point at the server, you would use as follows:


    so lets say your server is 555.555.555.555 and you have a siteworx account with a unix name of mydomain, then it would be:


    The above may fail if you have htaccess rules requiring correct domain etc... or you have siteworx account set to only use https (but with no DNS, you would a paif SSL as Let's encrypt would not allow a SSL Cert until the DNS records points at your server), or say you had a word press site set to only use domain name etc...

    I am sorry, there should be tutorials, but probably best to:

    review/search forums for anything specific (such as BFD)
    Look at which I think is where the tutorial is anyway now

    If you have any questions, please either post on forum (there are many friendly users who have excellent knowledge on here), ask your license provider or email Interworx directly

    Lastly, I would advise to use Centos 7 as it has the latest Apache version and most likely will have TLSv1.3 available when it is released from OpenSSL

    Many thanks


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