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  • Recommendation for Hosting

    I need a recommendation for Hosting as cPanel is easy to manage but is not a good option for an ecommerce store as I would have limited control and do have performance and security issues. Whereas on the other side I have dedicated servers options for which I have full control but would require technical expertise to manage it. I need a solution somewhere between shared and dedicated hosting?
    People are recommending me to go for managed hosting like provided by Cloudways. What do you guys suggest shall I start with Managed hosting?

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    Hi ashwinparker

    I do hope your not a spammer as your post looks familiar to those who spam sorry

    I would use Interworx as Iím sure all users on these forums would most likely state

    Many thanks



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      I was going to recommend a hosting with cpanel and enough control over the hosting, without reaching a vps, but not as the subject is mentioned without spam. ;-D