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    Why was it decided that SiteWorx users would not be able to edit the website's main A record? As when you do click on the edit button the IP address is not in a box that can be edited. I know that anyone with reseller access/Nodworx access can go into the DNS zones part and edit it from there but the customers in question don't have that access and just SiteWorx.

    I assume this can't be changed and was designed to be like this? It's just a bit odd and annoying when we have some clients who have hosting elsewhere but emails and other services with us and want to be able to manage the DNS with ease.
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    Hi Bertie
    Many thanks, and I would think the answer to why would not be forthcoming, but thinking as Interworx is a mature product, it stems back to the time when all control panels would set DNS this way.
    I fully appreciate what your saying though, and I would suggest you post this on the ideas page (, where people/users vote
    I do think we all suffer from this though, but in small numbers who host another third party server, so it is managable. Infact, I know some NS/DNS providers, who do not allow full DNS chnages to be made, and users of their systems, have to open a support ticket to have this completed, but again, it possibly is an age thing over their systems.
    I suppose a short term workaround would be to set the siteworx account, as a 1 user reseller, and they can change all records.
    I hope that helps a little
    Many thanks