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  • I will miss Qmail but I fully support switching to Postfix. Will we get to keep djbdns?...
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  • sysnop
    replied to Changing Hostname
    After running

    # hostnamectl set-hostname

    check these files:

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  • Hey John,

    I removed all my previous mistakes and then --

    yum install php-ioncube-loader
    yum install php-opcache

    Restarted httpd and it's all good...

    # php -v
    PHP 7.3.11 (cli) (built: Oct 22 2019 08:11:04) ( NTS )
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  • Thanks John! That explanation helps a great deal. So all my troubles started with the wrong packages. I'll take another leap into it later. Meanwhile, is there a way to disable the multiple PHP feature so that there's only a 'system' PHP for the server and siteworx accounts? I think iworx updates turned...
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  • John,

    The multiphp feature has never been hard to grasp, I just don't have sure footing on how different binaries and config files are spread out over the file system (read below) with this feature enabled. However, I've never forgotten that Interworx runs its own instances of Apache and...
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  • Hi John,

    I understand how default PHP works with Siteworx and I was able to switch accounts from 7.2.24 to 7.3.11 after enabling it and setting it as default.

    What I wasn't clear enough about was that I wanted the same newer version for system/server/Siteworx, in which case...
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  • sysnop
    started a topic How to change & upgrade system PHP version

    How to change & upgrade system PHP version

    On the web server page in Nodeworx I enabled PHP 7.3.11 and set it as the default version. It shows up in Siteworx and works according to phpinfo files. The system PHP version is still 7.2.24 but I'd like set it to 7.3.11 also and have only one PHP 7.x installation that's available for both the server...
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  • Changing Dovecot IMAP namespace & special use folder layout

    I'm interested in getting mail clients to list mail folders so that Trash, Drafts etc. are not displayed as child folders of Inbox. Some clients like Thunderbird allow manipulating namespace or display branched folder layouts in an elegant way, while other clients make a mess of it.

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