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  • Bertie
    replied to mod_php and mod_suphp
    Tried the upgrade but no luck - Have a ticket open to see if they can suggest anything. Maybe related to a PHP upgrade as sites according to php info pages are running PHP 5.6.40 but on the Web Server section under PHP Integration Mode the system php version is 5.6.32....
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  • Bertie
    started a topic mod_php and mod_suphp

    mod_php and mod_suphp

    Hey all,

    Have the following error:
    Warning, mod_php and mod_suphp are both enabled, this is a security risk.

    Whats the best way of fixing this? I can see it has been mentioned once or twice in the forum but quite a while back. I've checked the httpd.conf but couldn't...
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  • They have them in the sub-domains section and not a secondary domain so they don't appear in the change domain option I don't believe? So for example there is:

    Added to the sub-domains section....
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  • EV on main domain but wildcard SSL for subdomains

    Hi all,

    Basically we have a client who has an EV SSL on the main domain so (I'm aware they are a waste of money these days but whatever). Before hand they had a wildcard SSL so it covered all of their sub-domains too. But now obviously the EV SSL does not do that. Is there...
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  • Also to update this thread - This also effects people on older macOS versions - 10.11.x and before. I believe updating to the more updated versions of macOS will resolve the problem if they are able to. Otherwise the fix of allowing 1.0 connections again will make it work as well....
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