1 dedicated IP and 1 Shared IP

I have a dedicated IP for my main site, since my site requires a certificate, I also have a shared internal IP for the other acounts that I add, each IP needs a diffrent external IP for DNS, so I put one of my IPs from ns1.mydomain.com for my dedicated IP, and I put the IP from ns2.mydomain.com for my shared IP, is this the right way of doing this? 1 of my domains that I got from yahoo, doesn’t come to my server all the time, sometimes it does and sometimes it go’s to the yahoo server, even tho I changed the name servers[LEFT][/LEFT]. and what if I want to add more internal IPs[LEFT][/LEFT] to the network, witch external IP [LEFT][/LEFT]would I put for every IP I add? since there is only ns1 and ns2.mydomain.com? I have 5 static external IPs[LEFT][/LEFT] available.[LEFT][/LEFT]

I’m not sure what you mean here

But I think I get your meaning. You need two nameservers minimum, each with an IP, so use your two IPs for NS1 and NS2 when you register them at the registrar. Are your NS1 and NS2 registered? If your registrar doesn’t support this feature you’ll have to use the datacenter’s nameservers or a different registrar to register your own.

This won’t affect how you use the IPs for Siteworx accounts. Your IPs can be used any way you want for hosting whether or not they’re used for nameservers.

So you mean I can put any of my external IPs and it will still work, even tho they are not my Nameserver IPs?

I don’t know what you mean by “external” and “internal” IP addresses.

You can use any of your IPs for nameservers. They can be shared, dedicated, hosted, unhosted… it doesn’t matter. Just because an IP is used for DNS doesn’t mean that’s all it’s allowed to do. In Nodeworx the IPs just need to be active.

Most people use the server’s IP for the primary nameserver but that doesn’t matter either, although somebody here may disagree. In some cases it is better to use the server’s IP for NS1 so try that. Pick any other IP for NS2. Then register both nameservers at your registrar using the pair of IPs you decided to use. Make sure the domain you’re using for nameservers resolves before you do that.

Does this help?