64-bit support?

I didn’t see this going back about nine pages in here, and through the top several pages in others, and through about four searches, or in the FAQ.

Are there any known issues with InterWorx on 64-bit architectures? Some of the other panels out there have support in beta, or lagging behind main development, but keeping ahead of the curve doesn’t seem to be much of a problem here. :slight_smile:


We have previously had issues with ioncube’s decoders which are needed for running InterWorx-CP. With the 2.0.5 release we’ve fixed these problems and now support CentOS 4, Fedora 2 and Fedora 3 64 bit. I will say that we’ve seen some odd install issue with each 64 bit OS and we’re (slowly) supporting others but the previously listed are the only officially supported 64 bit OSes at this time.


Well, since CentOS is what we’re planning on using, this puts us on a good path, I think.