A few questions..

Ok, I’m planning on making the switch from a Red Hat 7.3 server with Ensim Pro 3.5.x to a Red Hat Enterprise 3.x server with Interworx CP. Yea!!

Anyways, I usually have Rfxnetworks harden my server, and order this package here: http://www.rfxnetworks.com/linux_appsec_secbundle.php

I understand that APF, and SIM are now integrated, and that is great!

The question: Is there any reason I shouldn’t harden it with this? Also, should I have the server hardened before, or after I install Interworx?

Thanks, looking forward to my first Interworx install and use!

Those would be the right guys todo it :slight_smile: as they wrote APF/BFD, I personally would suggest installing interworx first, and then letting them do their hardening.


On their web site it doesn’t say InterWorx under the supported appliances area at the bottom. I would suggest e-mailing them first before you go anywhere with it.

The RFX-networks guys themselves use IWorx-CP so they will probably be able to help you out even if it’s not listed, but as Kyle said I’d definitely email them to confirm.