Access to the MySQL database from PC


IS it possible to access to MySQL database from a workstation pgm.

I mean, I’d like to do a C pgm running on my workstation that may access to the MySQL database on my server.

I think it isn’t possible as the MySQL server is running on ?

Any tips and tricks ?


When you create a DB within Siteworx accounts, you can choose which IPs to allow access from. The default is but you can enter other things.

Is this something you can’t handle with SSH? If it’s a particular program, you could always install it on your server and SSH in to run it.

Heu Idon’t see this option

There is only one option it’s about database users access.

This option means, for me, that the user can connect to this database only from this IP.

It doesn’t mean that the MySQL is listenning on this IP.

No I don’t want to SSH the pgm. It’s only because I do a test. I’d like to be abble to connect to my database from a pgm hold in my WorkStation.


Well, as long as your firewall rules allow incoming connections on port 3306, you should have no problem accessing the database from another PC. I’d start with the first IP in your block, and then move on from there if it doesn’t work. Be careful though - this is a huge security risk.

Are you sure ?

If I do a netstat -lpn I have
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 4559/mysqld

So it means that MysqlD listen on TCP port 3306 on localhost right ?

MySQL listens on TCP port 3306 yes, but it is not bound to an IP. It uses hostnames to allow access (internally). As long as your hostname and/or IP is an allowed host (and your firewall is not blocking 3306), you can connect remotely.