account bandwidth/stats monitoring

just a question i have on monitoring bandwidth, stat etc
a shoutcast server is running and installed in the root of the domain on one account, is it possible to get the bandwidth graphs on that account to show the shoutcast servers bandwidth and stats use.

i presume bandwidth/data and stats/logs are only monitored in the HTML directory ?

also off topic a bit, i start the shoutcast server with /path to shoutcast/sc_serv & but i need it to auto restart when apache restarts each day, where would i put that code ?

thank you

There’s no way without doing some custom programming on your end to get this to work. The main NodeWorx bandwidth graphs will show you a total bandwidth used snapshot for all IPs and protocols on eth0 but beyond what is shown in SiteWorx that’s it.

You can check out:

For help on setting this up on your own.


thought so but thanks for you help chris and will have a look at those links