Account was not restored


Okay, today a client has “backed-up” their account, using the FULL Backup option inside SiteWorx. That backup is saved in, /home/USERNAME/backups/ as the default name Siteworx gives it.

They wanted to restore their accout from the backup file (kind of like a ‘self-service’ rollback) however they get the error:

Account was not restored. Please contact the server administrator.

Now, I have tried this and get the same thing. The only thing in the log is something like this:

Jun 16 22:50:42 import.php [debug] import.php --archive=/home/eweaglen/ew-eagle.net_jun.16.2006-22.50.14.tar.gz --control-panel=siteworx

Can someone clarify (because the docs say that you can “Restore”), what the recommened procedure is for clients who wish to use their full backup files to roll-back to a previous version of their site.

Any thoughts/ideas?


I apologize, as the docs could be a little clearer. A full backup restore can only be done from the NodeWorx interface. This is because to do a full restore, the SiteWorx account must be deleted first before restoring from the backup file. As such, we do not allow this to be done from SiteWorx by the user.

You should’ve seen a message like this:

“Account was not restored. Full restore is only possible in NodeWorx. Please contact the server administrator.”

Hope that helps,

Hi Socheat,

Thanks for the clear answer. It would appear that the error message wants slightly adjusting :wink:

A question then; what is the purpose/what does the restore function in Siteworx actually do?

Many Thanks,

Because partial restores don’t require the account to be deleted first, SiteWorx users can restore partial backups themselves. This means they can restore their databases, mail, and/or web-files.



So if a user does a partial BACKUP of say, files & Databases, then RESTORES that file, it will restore just the files and the databases?

Excellent. :slight_smile: