add a siteworx account


As you know, I begin to transfert my data from my old server to a new one.

I’d like to create siteworx account on the new box and change their IP to point to the old box (and with the same name server as the old one)

I created the first one without pbm. Changed the Ip in the dns management (to point to the old box) without pbm

But now, when I’m trying to create the 2nd siteworx account I have a message.
Firstly, there is something strange as I can’t select my first Ip and the third one
.140 is dedicated and I don’t have it in the IP box
.141 is shared and I have it in IP box
.142 is dedicated and I don’t have it in the IP box
all others fine

AnyWay, I’d like to create this new siteworx account on my shared IP (141)

I have this message when I clic ADD

Domain already exists

I have check the /home directory and the /etc/passwd, and there is no directory/user with that name


Thanks for your help

You may want to check to see if that domain is sitting on either another IP already, or, if it has an entry in your /etc/httpd/conf.d/ directory.

well it’s my own domain, I was trying to create one domain that exist on my old server to the new one (as I didn’t know if the bckup/restore script would create non existing account, now I know it will)

This domain doesn’t exist in …/conf.d/
No user exist
No Home directory exist

So maybe it is somewhere in the iworx database

Could a iworx member team be pleased to have a look



Forward me your info here Pascal and I’ll take a look: