Added Subdomain, and all sites in Reseller account will not come up in Browser

I have a reseller that is on one of my IW servers. He has 24 accounts set up in his reseller account in IW. In Nodeworx, when account was originally set up he used his own (custom) name servers. His account has been up for 9 months, and up until now no real issues.

First Support Ticket submitted by customer:

I just added a subdomain to one of my websites ( and now none of my sites load :frowning: I deleted the subdomain, but the sites still won’t load. Any fixes? Any reason why addng a subdomain would wipe out the all my sites? Pings are good, tracert is fine, ftp works, email works …just no action in the browser.

addition to the above ticket:

:: UPDATE ::

The websites are back up now, not sure why they were down before. I added a subdomain again to the website, and the subdomain will not load. I added, which at this time does not load, but at least and the other websites still load :slight_smile:

[I did inform customer that the subdomain had to propagate and shortly after this UPDATE, the subdomain started working.]

Question here is why, or what might of caused his sites (from my understanding it was ALL his sites in his reseller account) to NOT come up?

Possible DNS issues??

You can open a support ticket and have one of our devs take a look. I’ve never heard of this kind of thing before.

When you add a subdomain four things happen:

  1. A DNS Record is created
  2. An alias entry is added to the virtualhost’s config file
  3. A directory is created for the subdomain inside the html directory if it does not already exist.
  4. Appropriate entries are added to the IWorx database

The only thing I could think of is if something invalid is added to the vhost file but if that were the case your whole apache would go down (as in the whole server), not just his sites.