addon domain issues

Hi my Web host has changed to your control pannel under the old ones I was able to have additional domains and point them to a folder to run a website from there.

My main domain and a 2nd domain on the old control pannel I could add an addition domain and select the folder I wanted it to point too so I could run two websites. They have just started switiching to Interworx and are using 2.1.3 and told me to use subdomain to set this up but it only works if I use and when I use i get a holding page for interworks. any idea how to fix this as even if I use a pointing domain it wont let me choose the folder to point too.

At this time, it’s not something that you can fix from SiteWorx. You would need to have them point the domain to a subfolder for you. Multi-Domain hosting is a feature that’s getting added in InterWorx v3.0 out soon.