*Alias* sub-domains

Basically what I mean is that domain.com and whatever.domain.com could point to the same website.

Now I figured that I could use parked domains. This was a bit confusing b/c the input box has a www in front of the domain. I guess that is there so people less techy SiteWorx users dont enter the www, but it confused me. Anyway, I saw that it did create a www.whatever.domain.com and a whatever.domain.com in the apache .conf file for the domain. Even if I do it manually just adding what i need to the ServerAlias line, it doesn’t work b/c of the subdomain redirect logic (any subdomain is redirected to mainsite.com/subdomain folder). If I comment out the redirect logic everything works great, but then any real subdomains wouldn’t work correctly. Haven’t really thought about a solution to that, but Im thinking something with only checking actual subdomains instead of redirecting every subdomain.

I understand when you guys work on stuff you have to make it work the best for the most amount of people and I can see how the idea of checking for each real SiteWorx subdomain before doing the logic could be a mess for users with a lot of SiteWorx subdomains so maybe this is just not possible to do or maybe you guys can think of a better way of doing it that would work.

…or maybe its just a crappy idea that no one but me would find useful :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t think of too many examples where this would be needed, but I can think of one… secure.domain.com. So not something that needs great attention, just something I think could be of use to some people.

Hi Justec,

I’m going to use your secure.domain.com and domain.com as an example. Say you added the pointer domain “secure.domain.com” to point to “domain.com”.

If the “secure” directory doesn’t exist (in this case domain.com/html/secure), then it should act just like a pointer to domain.com.

Similarly, if you added “secure.domain.com” as a subdomain, and then deleted the domain.com/html/secure directory, secure.domain.com should act like a pointer to domain.com

Paul just tested and confirmed this behavior, so it should work.


Hmm… Ill have to investigate a bit more then b/c when I did it taking out the subdomain logic from the conf file it went to the Iworx newly created account page, but when i left the subdomain logic in it went to a page saying 403 forbidden.