Anonymous FTP

I need to set up anonymous FTP for a client, but the standard vhost parameters in the /etc/proftpd.conf don’t seem to be honored. Does the SQL authentication take precedence over a vhost allowing anonymous login?

If I understand correctly everything goes throuth the database for authentication.

This has come up before. The workaround that some other clients have done is installing a second copy of proftpd on a different port, allowing anonymous login.

I’ll spare you the lecture about the security holes you will be opening up doing this, since I’m sure you know already :wink:

The SQL auth shouldn’t affect anonymous users PaulK, are you getting any helpful errors in the proftpd log?


I cranked up the log level and managed to get anonymous working (although I had to disable the vhost I was using to get it to work). That’s acceptable for now, but I’m somewhat confused as to why a vhost that I copied directly from a previous server won’t work now. None of the options are deprecated… Anyway, thanks.