Any opinions on server distro?

Any thoughts from all of you seasoned InterWorx vets as to which server distro you prefer for running your control panel/web host box?

I am looking to purchase this software and just want to make sure that I don’t set it and a bunch of domains up on someting that is a poor choice (I was headed towards FC3).

Any comments are appreciated!


I’m using RH9, but I had that before they stopped support on it.

I know a lot of people are getting into CentOS, thats probably what I’ll use when I upgrade to a new server sometime in the future and have to move all my SiteWorx accounts anyway.

I ditched RH9 for CentOS literally the day that InterWorx-CP supported it. I get regular package (siftware) updates – including kernals – through the InterWorx software updater (YUM) and for all intents and purposes it is Red Hat Enterprise Linux only free. I love it and am not looking back.

I was lookiong at Fedora Core at the time but decided I didn’t want to deal with it’s frequent version updates and it’s theoretical buggyness (the fact that they were having a problem getting cPanel to work right on FC2 at the time also spooked me):

FC is supposed to be state of the art while RHEL/CENTOS is more stable and powerfull, designed primarily for servers. At first I was nervious about leaving Red Hat but it turns out I didn’t, all I lost was the name :wink:

I’m wondering when/if Interworx is going to support CentOS 4 officially. I’ll likely buy another server and migrate my RH9 accounts over as soon as that happens. :slight_smile:

It won’t be long Paul. RHE 4x is already supported and CentOS 4 should be supported in the next few weeks. I’d say by May 1 at the latest.


Excellent! Dare I ask when 1.10 is targeted for release? :wink:

1.10 is in flux (in a good way). I think the whole community will be surprised by 1.10 as we’ve been working our butts of on it and have added staff as well to cope with the development. That said, 1.10 is probably about a month away but I reserve the right to keep our feet from the fire if it’s eariler or later :).


lol I like these answers :-p

I’m sure the 1.10 will be great :-p