Do some of you know the perl module apache::asp ?

Is it possible to write asp script with it ? in perl or with an other language ?

Do you know a way to allow asp scripting on a linux apache box ?

Is the only solution is to install the mod fronpage ?

Thanks for your advises


Apache::ASP allows you to write ASP-style scripts with Perl. It doesn’t allow the use of ASP directly.

Chilisoft allows the use of ASP 3.0 and lower, but it’s a commercial product and it doesn’t have a full implementation of ASP.

Some time in the future, I’d imagine Mono will have the support necessary for ASP.NET on *nix servers as well.

I don’t believe mod_frontpage or the FrontPage Extensions allow ASP scripting, only the use of FrontPage to publish “webs”, but I could be wrong.

I haven’t gotten it working yet so I may be wrong but as I understand it you will have full functionality of FrontPage extentions (including ASP) on the web once it’s created. I’m still doing some researh and will report back onthe forums as I make progress on this. Every tim i play with it I get a little firther on it but thus far i’ve had to add several lines of code to the domain.tld.conf file for the web I’m using.