Apache Throttling

I would like some kind of way to throttle bandwidth.

Currently my server is getting pounded and if knows of a way to limit traffic to one file/directory I’d greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.


Unfortunately I’ve yet to find modules for apache2 to do this. For apache 1.3.x there was mod_bandwidth but apparently the developer is no longer updating it.
One option is to modify the MaxClients in the httpd.conf. The only problem with this is it’ll affect all virtual hosts on the box.


There has to be something I can do?

I’d Google it oaf. I have yet to find a throttling module for apache 2. If you find one feel free to let me know and I"ll do the same.


I had three people Googling last night not including myself.

I made a nasty little fix with cron but it’s like I said, nasty.