API: Complete Control

First, I can’t search for “api”, so sorry if this is a duplicated.

I looked at the API docs to see if I could d a couple of things. What I’'ll be looking to do (in 3-6 months) is create e-mail accounts and aliases from an external program. Creating databases is something I’d like too. Most of the common admin functions a user could do in SiteWorx is something I’d like to be able to a SiteWorx account from another PHP app.

As of right now the API allows you to manipulate the creation / deletion etc of SiteWorx accounts and some ancillary operations. We do plan on beefing it up with the coming releases CMI so you can do many of the stock NW/SW options via the API.


Not sure if you talk the same thing as me CMI, but I am also interest in having a program like gmail, hotmail (webmail programm with registration, etc)

if you know such a programm thanks PM me.

That is included in InterWorx. Just go to domain.tld/webmail and log in using an e-mail address and password set up in SiteWorx.


What I mean is a webmail like gmail, hotmail and many other that allow visitors to suscribe.

Sorry if I did’nt explain well, english is my second language

Oh, I see. That is a bit more complicated, but IWorx’s web mail setup is what you would use anyway.

For the record, you can search for 3 char strings now :).