ASP In Nodeworx/Siteworx

Hi there again guys. One of my clients wants to have a dedicated Linux server and I’ve strongly recommended him to get Interworx, but the problem is that he NEEDS ASP for som of his clients. Any chance of installing ASP in Nodeworx or anyone willing to do it for me? (paying, of course ;))

I wouldn’t suggest it, but this is as close are you can get:

Good luck. Better getting a windows server.


[SIZE=2]Thanks for the answer. We do have Windows servers, but he wants to have a mixed Linux with asp box so that he can have the best of both worlds. I’d already looked at the options you’ve given me, but none of them convince me. Thanks again! :slight_smile: [/SIZE]

I have Chilisoft ASP installed on my interworx box. Works like a charm. Just point it to the default httpd instance (not the special iworx 2443 one) when it asks, and it pretty much installs itself.