assign an ip addres to subdomain

How i can assign an ip address to subdomain from nodeworx?

You would go to the System Services > DNS Server > Zones page. Look up the domain that subdomain is a part of and click the Records link next to that domain. Then you should see the subdomain record there. It may be a CNAME record, in which case you’d need to delete it and re-add it as an A record pointing to the IP you’d like it to point to

and i don’t have to do anything in ip management now i have this ip as unused

Now i have website on one ip and for subdomain i want to use separate ip(everything is setup under one account)

Ahhhhhh ok. Then just add the subdomain as it’s own siteworx account on that new IP address. on the SiteWorx > Accounts page.

Yeahh that’s what i was thinking just being lazy don’t want to transfer all this files and db’s

This is the way I do it as well.