Atomic Secure Linux... any reactions?

I’m working on a Security review of our servers. And as a part of that I’m looking for a service/repo that will handle rules for mod_secure or similar modules.
We are running Interworx on all our servers, while the datacenter have a firewall, and we run Cloudlinux, maldet, clamav and mod_evasive , we still something that will handle active threat detection and prevention.

While I was looking for solutions, I found the Atomic Secure Linux.
But I would like some more third hand information/thoughts/reviews about this product.
Is it secure?
will it implement the security rules without compromising the functionality of standard CMS systems like Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop and drupal etc?

Some issues with their site gives me pause as to the quality of the product.
They have (at least for the time being) an issue on the homepage wh ere the ‘product updates’ feed isn’t working.
And there doesn’t seem to be a lot of chat about their products on the internet … a google search hardly turns up anything…

On their site, they sate that they support both CL and Interworx. I would love to get any feedback from an Interworx rep, their (personal or official) view on the product.

Anyone here that is or have been using/trying ASL?


We have used the ASL lite subscription for our Interworx cluster. The ASL team is VERY fast to respond to issues - particularly ones that affect joomla, wordpress etc. The ASL-lite subscription is $99 per year, and well worth it. It has saved us HUNDREDS of man hours that used to be used to find injection script problems CSS issues, joomla hacks.

It WILL affect custom coded sites, but again, ASL is quick to respond.

You will need to learn to grep their special logs, and how to enter a ticket with them (they require VERY precise data). You will also need to follow the ASL-lite installation directions CAREFULLY.

I think I will configure and test it out on a cloned testbed first…

We have just finished implementing the Atomic Secure Linux (ASL) in our Interworx system, and it has been running smoothly for over a week now.

To make both systems work together it required the joint efforts of the Interworx and Atomicorp technical staffs. Some code had to be modified on both sides to make it happen.

So first of all, I would like to thank both Interworx and Atomicorp for having been so receptive to our request to make it all function flawlessly.

I have not detected anything different in the functioning of our server. The only thing I could mention is about a 10% increase in CPU load when under heavy traffic which is obviously normal.

We are happy with the extra layer of protection that ASL has provided, and can honestly recommend Atomicorp’s ASL solution to all other Interworx webmasters that are looking for a affordable security suite for their web servers.


Ok, after about a year in the planing, we are getting close to buying new servers and implementing ASL.

How should I go about setting it up?
Interworx or ASL first?