attempting to publish a site...

and for some reason I cannot see the symbolic link for public_html. I’m getting to the right directory, but cannot see the symbolic link at all.

The link is there, I can see it when viewing it through webmin’s file manager.

I have deleted and readded the site to no avail.


You cannot see the link where? In an FTP client?

in an ftp client (smartftp) nor when I go to publish the site with netobjects, it says public_html does not exist do you want to create?

Appears to be a permissions problem of some sort, but I’m just guessing

Strange. Well, at the very least you can go directly to where public_html points of course - which is domain.tld/html - until we come up w/ the answer


the symlink that is created redirects back outside of the chroot directory, e.g


Changing it to / makes it show up with no problems.

Are you guys running your own copy of proftpd? I tried turning off chroot to test it through the main config file but it did not help.

This could be a global problem and you’re just the first to mention it, since the public_html symlink is actually a fairly new addition to the account setup process. I’ll look into it.


I found some info on the chroot/symlink issue here, which is where I began to troubleshoot the chroot.


This has been verified and fixed in the next release bluesin. Since the symlink was absolute the chroot masked it. We’ve changed it to a relative symlink and it’ll be fine :).