Auto Update


is it possible to turn off the interworx auto-udpate? in the control-panel i’m only allowed to turn off OS updates, not the InterWorx updates.

Is there any reason for that? Is there any way to turn off InterWorx updates?
i want to install them manually…


i searched in the config files an i found something in the /home/interworx/iworx.ini config file:


is this the right place to disable auto interworx updates?

Hi Kilian,

Yes, that looks correct.

you can also disable auto-updates in NodeWorx under Server>Software Updates.

By default you can’t disable interworx (control panel) updates from the UI, but if you are adamant, you can set autoiworx=“0” in the section you specified and InterWorx will not update anything.

I too would like to turn off auto updates - but the previous response has got me a little confused.

I can see it’s possible to turn off auto O/S updates via the control panel (NodeWorx > Server > software updates) however the InterWorx autoupdate option is set to enabled and is greyed out - it’s not possible to change this.

The previous post seemed to suggest that this was actually possible?

If it’s not possible to disable auto updates for InterWorx via the UI - do we still have to edit the /home/interworx/iworx.ini config file?

Basically, I want to have one server running auto updates (running our own stuff) so this gets the update first - once an update comes out and we know it’s good - we’d then manually update the others.

In the past (admittedly with another panel system!) we had major issues when auto updates broke stuff.



I guess - thinking about improving the product - the feature I’m looking for would be ‘update delay’ in which you could tell NodeWorx only to install updates until after a pre-set delay period of 1 day / 1 week / 1 month etc after the update was published.

We would set our own in house servers to have no update delay (essentially update guinea pigs) , and then other servers to say 1 week after.

That’s would be neat… I don’t want to have to manually update servers, but on the other hand, I don’t really want them all crash & burning the day an auto update goes awry…