flame on We chose AWBS over a few other suggested billing platforms that InterWorx is suppose to be compatible with and boy was it a mistake. The software isn’t compatible with InterWorx.

  1. The instructions aren’t complete enough to do anything (unless it’s cpanel).
  2. ssl doesn’t work, they don’t know why it doesn’t work, they assume InterWorx is to blame. This is after they previously acknowledged errors that existed in the software that they had modules to fix, but would only hand out on a per-basis instead of just including it in the next release.
    The domain system is also a piece of crap, I know that’s not related to InterWorx so im not going to get into it, but it just appears to be AWBS was completely geared around the concept of doing business for Total Online Solutions “the parent company” as certain aspects of the software force or did force you to use their reseller accounts to conduct certain transactions. We’re a reseller for a domain co, and selected that co from the list, and it still tries to use their Enom account!

They won’t agree to refunds even when the software is proven to be incompatible in instances. Im sure some have been happy with AWBS/Interworx and i’d be happy to hear the stories because from what i’ve seen so far, AWBS hasn’t been tested with InterWorx enough for it to be a suggested platform to use, this is clearly evident when you read the instructions for AWBS or talk with the support staff, they always appear to be in the dark about what’s going on with InterWorx. If they don’t know what InterWorx is doing, how can this be a suggested billing platform? :slight_smile:

Hi James,

flame off :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues with AWBS. I don’t proclaim to be a AWBS expert user, but in my limited experience with the software, and with working with the AWBS guys on occasion, it’s always been positive.

The specific problem you mention, SSL not working, isn’t one I recall seeing before. We’re actively developing and improving the InterWorx API, but nothing significant API-wise has changed in the most recent update last month (it was a small bug fix release).

We’re always open to working with you and/or AWBS to work out any problems that crop up, regardless of which side the problem may be on - and without investigating further, I can’t completely rule out one or the other in this case.


Thanks Paul, yeah me and the guys over at Total fraud solutions are having a bit of a difficulty with one another. The error that we are having exists in their forum. The posts below the error by the techs state an newer interworx module is available and to contact them for the module. We contacted them for the module, they then told us the module wasn’t for this and the reason ssl doesn’t work anymore is because interworx made api changes that they aren’t aware of.

It works ssl turned off, breaks with it on. That was the exact error someone else posted and they told him they had a module to correct it, we’re told no module exists…

We requested awbs just refund us our license payment that we made (that hasn’t been used yet) and they clammed up on us, I guess 17 dollars is more important to them then the reputation they once had:)

Im willing to hear anything you have to say about it though, im not really concerned about this particular error at the moment because it only affects accounts being automagically created and quite frankly, we’re not all hip to that anyhow so the awbs would really only be utilized for billing.

With the current AWBS 2.7.1 all works as supposed to. If you still got issue’s with AWBS -> Interworx (we had the same for a while with AWBS 2.7.0) i suggest upgrading to the current release.