Awstat Vs Webalyzer = difference, why ?


When you compare the stats made by webalyzer and Awstat for the same dy there is a big diffrence between the both stat tools.

For example.
Webalyzer shows

Day Hits     Files    Pages    Visits     Sites      KBytes
9     4160   2618   1619      468       298        104032

AWStat same day shows

Day             Number of visits    Pages    Hits    Bandwidth
09 Mar 2006         208             622     2584    85.85 MB

Any idea why ?


The differences are due to how each stat program defines hits, pages etc. The 2 stat programs are run on an identical log file so any other differences I’d check the respecitve stats site for. I know awstats gives a good rundown of how it’s different than webalizer.