Awstats Update Link?


A client of mine requested that an ‘update link’ be added to AWSTATS so that the delay for updated stats isn’t always a day…

I did a quick Google search and found the command:

F) AWStats statistics can be updated from a browser, to provide real-time statistics, by clicking the ?Update now? link that appears when AWStats is used as a CGI. To enable it:
Find : AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=0
Replace with : AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser=1

I found, in /etc/, awstats.conf

I found the line AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser in there, and it was set to 0. I changed it to 1, thinking that that would fix it, but no link appears in my browser.

Is it a permission issue? Or does Iworx use Perl or something different to extract the AWStats? If so, how would I go about providing this to my clients?

So i’ve figured out that Awstats CGI is not supported by InterWorx (and likely won’t ever be, according to a previous thread on the subject).

I still don’t get why a Perl extract would prevent the stats from being updated with a link on the page.

Does anyone have any ideas on the subject? It would not only be useful for my client, but for me and i’m sure other InterWorx users who would prefer not having to wait for the daily cron job to run before their Awstats get updated.

It’s been over a week, and no one has so much as acknowledged my question :frowning:

Can someone from the Iworx team at least tell me if i’m wasting my time trying to figure this out? Should I spend my own time trying to get it work… Or is this not even do-able?

int, AWStats just needs the logs to show stats so it’s absolutely possible to get this working but it’s been so long since I messed with AWStats proper that I don’t have any quick and easy guidance. I’d check the AWStats manual on sourceforge and just try setting up a system where AWStats reads the logs that are on the system for your users. This should be a pretty default and simple setup based on their docs.