Backup and Import Issues in v3.x

I’m running Interworx 3.0.3 and I’ve noticed a couple backup issues with data not being backed up correctly.

Issue #1: Domain “Catch-all” email address

Description: If there is a catch-all email address defined for a domain being backed up, it backs up the email address correctly. The issue lines in the Import of that back up file. When importing is completed, Siteworx shows the Catch-all email address as being defined, but the “Bounces” is set to “On” and email is really getting bounced, when it should be sent to the catch-all address instead.

Fix: Remove the catch all, click “Off” for bounces. Re-Enter the catch all email address and click “Update”

Issue #2: Default FTP account’s default directory gets reset

Description: If you modify the default ftp account (ftp@yourdomain) and change the default root directory (to say /home/yourdomain/yourdomain/html or whatever), when doing an Import, that default directory is reset to just /home/yourdomain

Fix: Manually go in and edit the default ftp user and change the default directory to the one you want.

Issue #3: During a structure-only backup, special qmail configurations are not backed up.

Description: This may be intended as it is… Say you make a /home/yourdomain/var/yourdomain/mail/.qmail-junkmail file to filter (delete) all email for junkmail@yourdomain … when doing a structure only backup, those custom files are not backed up. If you need to restore from that structure only, you lose all custom mailboxes.

For example, I use a catch all on a domain. Certain email addresses I know are spam. I set up an alias to go to junkmail@mydomain for those known spam email addresses. The junkmail email account is just a blank file in my var/mail folder, and qmail silently deletes any message going there. Is there any better way around this in version 3? I’ve been using this method for a long, long time now. The best way would be to reject them at the smtp level (in hopes spammers would remove that address from their list) but as far as I know, you can’t do that with a catch-all assigned?

Fix: Manually recreate those files so qmail knows how to handle those email addresses.

No news from the team here? I’m backuing up and importing a whole server this coming weekend…