Backup issue

Hi all,

I’m trying to access:
However, I’m getting a 404.

In lieu of that FAQ helping me out, I hope somebody here has some insight…

The question I have is about restoring a site from a partial backup… I attempted to restore a site this morning, but I am getting a “? Account was not restored. Please contact the server administrator.” – that guy happens to be me

It is a backup made within siteworx and saved to an external ftp server. I tried both the local (downloaded it to my machine) and remote (uploaded it to the domain and even to a separate domain). It got through to the confirmation of the action, but then throws the above error.

I have the latest version of the software, running on CentOS4.2

Am I missing something obvious here?



Here are the missing FAQ questions and answers about backup and restore (txt file attatched). Sorry bout the broken link – been fixed on the staging server but not yet synced.

The problem that I think you are having is that you are trying to do a restore of a SiteWorx account from a partial bakckup file. The partial bacup files do not contain enough info to restire an entire account. Even if you select all three backup types in one (web, databases, email) all they can do is resire the saved data to an existing SiteWorx account. They do not know how to “create” the account.

  1. Created an empty SiteWorx account
  2. Log into SiteWorx for that account
  3. Use the restiore function there to propogate your account

Sorry again about the confusion.

br-faq.txt (12.1 KB)