backup mail message - missing information

on a recent new install of interworx
I have a scheduled backup and receive an email when complete, usually the email contains the domain an files backup
but the information is missing.
any one know what to check to cure this issue

Thank you

[[domain]] backup: [[success_status]] completed


This in an automatic informational message to notify you that the
[[backup_type]] backup of domain [[domain]] was [[success_status]]
completed. The backup file can be found here:


Your NodeWorx Server Manager

Hi bear

Many thanks, and I confirm this behaviour

I have opened a support ticket with IW, so they can have a review on my test server, if needed.

I suspect it’s connected with the installer which was failing (now corrected by IW so it’s a good clean install first time), and it has to be a permission issue I think, where it is not able to retrieve the correct data to put into the fields used.

I hope that makes sense and apologies if I’m wrong

Many thanks


Hi bear

Please can you open a support ticket with IW and include this post for reference. Nodeworx, remote assistance, and please also state you have enables remote

IW will correct this and you should be good to go

If anyone experiences the same issue, please open a support ticket with IW.

Hope that helps

Many thanks



just submitted a support ticket

thank you for our reply

Is it possible to share what corrective steps were taken for those of us experiencing the same issue, but unable to open up our servers for remote access?

Hi jzmatrix

I do not think this information will be shared.

It is indepth and if not correctly completed, could cause severe issues with IW-cp.

You do not have to open your server just enable remote assistance, but to be honest, I totally trust IW, and they have access to all our servers.

Many thanks