Backup MX Server for existing NW box

Hey Guys,

I’m doing some work for another web hosting company who is using CPanel (grrrr). I’m having nothing but problems with it (of course). One of this issues I’m having has kind of spawned a question about NodeWorx. Currently mail on this CP server is completely down, so 60+ domains worth of customers are not getting any email until the techs @ CP wake up.

I’m going to be switching them over to NW, I was just waiting for ver 3.0 to come out b4 I did it. My understanding is that’s going to be today. YAY! My question is:

Is it possible to have a backup mail server for a NW server?

NodeWorx Server 1 - mx 10 ->, mx 20 ->
NodeWorx Server 2 - mx 10 ->, mx 20 ->
NodeWorx Server 3 - mx 10 ->, mx 20 ->

BackupMX server running NW or Qmail or whatever automatically gets new accounts when they’re processed on one of the servers. In other words, when Joe Blow adds an account on it automatically adds the backupmx record and sets up the email account on backupmx, so should the nodewox server go down for whatever issue (HW, SW, maintenance,etc) then their mail isn’t interrupted. This is similar to what CP offers for a “cluster DNS” solution. One DNS server acts as a DNS2 for all of the CP servers on a network.

Brian Artigas
Allstate Computers, LLC


In v3 you have a template dns, so you can create a template dns that feat your needs.

Then everytime a siteworx accont will be created the template dns will be aplied


Cool, 1 issue down 1 to go. Is there a way to have NW send the account info to another server when an email account is created, and then delete an accout from the backup server with its deleted from the NW. Kind of like Modernbill. When someone adds an account it uses the API to add an account to NW, when someone cancels or defaults on their account it uses the API to delete or suspend the account. Can this be done with some sort of script to add and remove emial accounts from the backup server?