We are using the following backup method for years:

  1. structure only backup of all accounts
  2. partial backup >> databases of all accounts
  3. rsync /chroot/home/, /etc/, /usr/local/interworx/, /var/

This works well since we can always restore what we need, and in an event of a server crash, it’s just install interworx again, with all the necessary and extra rpms installed by us and restore the needed things.

But we also have the following issue, when we restore several accounts as following:

  1. restore structure only backup
  2. restore partial backup >> databases
  3. rsync /chroot/home/<<account>>
  4. chown /chroot/home/<<account>> to the appropriate users

The issue that we are having is that the database users do not have any rights on the databases, which they should have.

Our questions:

  1. are we doing something wrong, regarding the things we backup and how we restore?
  2. does a partial backup also include a structure backup?
  3. if none of the above is true, could the partial RESTORE functionality be changed so that it includes the rights of of the database users? Because if we are restoring hundreds of accounts, then it’s almost impossible to manually give all the database users the right rights to the databases.

Thank you for your time and replies.

SiteWorx backups do correctly insert database permissions now.