I’ve got 2 hard drives. How can I backup everyones data to the 2nd hard drive every 24 hours?

“rsync” is probably the tool for the job. You can use it to do incremental copying.


How do I access it?

It’s usually installed by default, if it’s not,

yum install rsync

should install it.

For local to local copying, you can use it like

rsync source destination

and set that up to run via cron once every 24 hours.


This basically a front end to rsync which manages multiple backups using hard links so there isn’t duplicated data.

Sorry for pulling up an old thread but it seemed most relevant.

I also have a second disk that I want to use solely for the purpose of backups on a particular machine.

Do you recommend:
1.) Just creating an rsync scrip to run via a cron every 24 hours that also dumps the db’s and moves a copy of them over?

2.) Enabling a regular backup for every account to run every 24 hours which will backup to the local directory and then creating an rsync cron to rsync those backups to the dedicated backup drive?

I think it would be really handy (and I appologize if I am overlooking this feature) if it was possible to from the main nodeworx panel set up a backup that backs up all accounts including their db’s at a particular time to a location that can be set (such as a secondary disk) so that the whole backup process could be configured in a matter of minutes for an entire server.